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March, 2009

At the 160th Annual Court (AGM) of The CTBI held on 21st March 2009, it was formally agreed to adopt a working title for the charity to help promote the institution to potential beneficiaries and donors. With immediate effect, the charity will be known as: 'The CTBI – The Salespeople’s Charity'.

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Who We Have Helped

Every year the CTBI supports over 260 beneficiaries. Here are some real stories of people that we have assisted and details of how we have helped them.

Mrs SA was widowed suddenly aged 48. Left with a young son who was due to start at a fee-paying secondary school, to which he had passed an entrance exam, and no life insurance, she was put in touch with The Commercial Travellers Benevolent Institution by a family friend who had been helped by us in the past.

We immediately forwarded a one-off grant payment of £500.00 to help with mounting debts. The Trustees then approved an annual grant to assist with day-to-day household expenses, Christmas and birthday payments, payment of her annual television licence and any gifts throughout the year.

The lady was put in contact with The Pinner Schools Foundation who have arranged, together with her son’s school, to fund the school fees therefore ensuring minimum disruption to the child’s education.

A letter from the Mrs SA to the Trustees states:

"Since my husband died so prematurely my son and I have just existed. The CTBI has been a lifeline to us. Thank you."

In 1994 aged 46 years, Mr DA suffered a brain haemorrhage, causing irreversible damage and meaning that he would never be able to work again. Known by one of our Trustees, The Commercial Travellers Benevolent Institution stepped in to help with an annual grant, birthday and Christmas payments, payment of television licence and gifts. In addition the family were put in contact with Pinner Schools Foundation who helped with educational expense for their two young daughters until they left school.

Mr DA’s help continues today and in addition in recent years the CTBI have made one-off grant payments to assist with the purchase of a new cooker and redecoration to two interior rooms and the exterior of their house. These, together with the grant payments, have made it possible for the family to remain in and maintain their home.

Ms JG approached the CTBI directly as she had been diagnosed with mental health problems which had led to her being unable to maintain her career and debts in the region of £15,000.

The Trustees agreed to offer support to Ms JG by way of an annual grant, birthday and Christmas payments, payment of television licence and gifts. More recently, in the summer of 2007 Ms JG’s home was completely flooded and a one-off grant to pay the insurance excess and to help get her back on her feet was agreed.

Aged just 32, a motorbike accident left Mr RB a paraplegic and therefore unable to continue his work as a commercial sales representative.

In 2005, The CTBI were approached by another charity who were looking for a contribution towards funding a lightweight wheelchair to make it easier for Mr RB’s wife to take him out. As Mr RB had a young family and a very limited income, the CTBI Trustees agreed to award an annual grant to him and put the family in contact with The Pinner Schools Foundation, who currently give financial help with the children’s education.

Mr EP lost his job due to illness. Following a split from his family, he was living in his car and later his allotment shed where he felt safe from possible dangers on the road.

The Trustees awarded Mr EP an annual grant and have funded a deposit on a flat and grants for furniture. This has provided a base from where he hoped to secure employment, as without an address it is difficult to find work.

Mr GW worked as a sales representative in the confectionery trade until 2000 when his previously diagnosed multiple sclerosis became too advanced for him to continue to work.

Referred by the Confectioners Benevolent Fund, Mr GW was awarded an annual grant as well as a one-off payment of £250.00 to fix problems caused by a water leak, which was noticed by the Steward when visiting.

In addition, following recommendation by the The Secretary, his eldest daughter, now at university, has applied for a graduate grant from the Leverhulme Trust.

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